Jing Yuan - Jackler


"Do not make this decision lightly, general... Think about how you will be remembered in history..."
The general of the Cloud Knights listens to his subordinates' words with eyes half-closed.
"History will make its own judgment, but I have no interest in my legacy."
"If I succeed, history will state that I am currently supremely confident in my masterful strategy."
"But if I fail, then history will state that I am currently neglecting my duties in wanton pleasure, preferring finches over my people."

A finch jumps down from his shoulder, and he extends his hand to catch the small creature.
"I have simply made my own decision."

-Jing Yuan

This collection contains every design we have that focuses on or includes Jing Yuan from Honkai Star Rail. Dive into our extensive range of Jing Yuan-inspired apparel!

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