About Us

Founded in 2019, JACKLER started off as a POD business on RedBubble before deciding to go independent. We wanted original anime-based streetwear that would work in any environment and fit into the pre-existing wardrobes of many. We wanted lowkey designs that were anime-inspired in the style of anime, but not associated with any. WIth such specific tastes and few options out there, we said "We'll do it ourselves."

Especially when it comes to anime-stylized games such as Star Rail or Genshin. We all simp for someone in these games and sure, there are designs on Redbubble to quench this thirst, but are they good? (Maybe) (Probably not) (Probably just someone copying the splash art.) Therefore, with this drought of good designs, we have decided the take the mantle to create some sick designs for these games, ranging from minimalistic to high impact, whatever should the vibe require, we will make it. 

We hope you enjoy!

All designs are drawn and designed by JACKLER.