Shipping and Returns

Below information is regarding shipping for POD items. For custom items please see custom items FAQs at the site's footer.

Here at JACKLER, we have a 30-day returns policy, Please check out FAQs and returns policy for more info.

All orders are fulfilled on demand and to order. Please allow for each order to take roughly 2-3 days for fulfillment. Once your items are fulfilled, you will receive a tracking code and the shipping times are as follows;

If you live in the US, expect an average of 3-5 business days after fulfillment.

If you live in Canada, expect 3-8 business days.

In the UK, it is estimated around 3-5 business days.

If you live in Germany, then expect 5-7 business days.

And for everywhere else, expect your orders to ship between 9-10 business days after fulfillment.

Note that this is an estimate based on after fulfillment, therefore it does not account for any product shortages or manufacturing delays. Please check the description to see if any variants are low or out of stock, resulting in greater delays. 

See the FAQs for more information