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Raiden Shogun

The day Makoto passed on, it was given into Ei's hands. The sword was stained with blood, then, and as the blade drew its first taste of crimson, the dripping ichor was blown aside by wild winds and blazing thunder.

Makoto gave it the name Musou Isshin, and desired to have it witness an Inazuma as lovely as a dream and the noble hearts that dwell in this world.

Ei did not change its name. For she, too, had looked out over that vast scene of beauty, and the sight of it had engendered a stronger, purer dream in her own heart.

The aesthetic of lightning is precisely to capture that which is precious amidst fleeting transience.

-Raiden Shogun

This collection contains every design we have that focuses on or includes Raiden Shogun from Genshin Impact. Dive into our extensive range of Raiden Shogun-inspired apparel!

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