Shipping Policy

Shipping Issues
If your order has not had a tracking update in one month's time, then we will issue a full refund. However if the tracking states that the order has been delivered then we are unable to give a refund. Do not hesitate to contact us when these issues arise so we can investigate and find a solution. 

Please keep in mind that your order may pass customs for inspection, which will delay the delivery time, as well as possibly charging you for a customs fee. Sadly, we do not make the rules here, and ultimately the responsibility lies on the buyer to pay for the customs fee. 

Order was returned?
The most likely cause of having an order returned to us is either; an invalid address or because someone was unable to receive the package at the time of delivery. Please email us immediately so we can try to re-ship the package. If the package isn't claimed within 28 days, we will be unable to re-ship the package.